Proven and Measurable Results It’s our job to provide ideas that are proven to work for your category of business. We’re able to do this by leaning on our success stories and thousands of deep conversations with business owners like you - locally and through Gray Television’s local news authorities in 93 markets (and growing). Our most successful advertisers use the power of television - traditional and streaming OTT - and digital strategies like targeted display, social media advertising, and search. 13 News at 6 PM Reaches 22,700 Viewers Compared to 2,080 on CBS (Live Comscore Data March 30th - April 5th, 2020)

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Tim Coles Vice President and General Manager 270-467-0307

Tim Maloney Local Sales Manager 270-467-0305

Brandon Miles Digital Sales Manager 270-467-0379

Lynn Evans National Sales Manager 319-423-2858

Dave Thomas National Sales Manager 270-467-0306

Sales Team

Janette Boehman TV and Digital Marketing Specialist 270-467-0308

Chad Duke TV and Digital Marketing Specialist 270-467-0310

Laura Haley TV and Digital Marketing Specialist 270-467-0302

Judy Hildabrand TV and Digital Marketing Specialist 270-467-0331

Michelle Cruse TV and Digital Marketing Specialist 270-467-0332

Support Staff

Nettie Lay National Sales Assistant 270-467-0352

Rebekah Bond Local Sales Coordinator 270-467-0314

Deborah Claypool Office Manager 270-467-0328

Advertising Non-Discrimination Certification

Stations licensed to Gray Television do not discriminate in the sale of advertising time, and will accept no advertising which is placed with intent to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. The parties to an agreement for the sale of advertising time on a station licensed to Gray Television affirm that nothing in that agreement will discriminate in any way on the basis of race or ethnicity.

POLITICAL BROADCAST ADVERTISING: Mike Jones Director of National Political Sales Gray Television – Washington, DC desk: (202) 400-0598