South Central Kentucky folks enjoying the snow at some of their favorite spots

Published: Jan. 13, 2018 at 8:41 PM CST
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The first snow of winter finally blanketed South Central Kentucky and the community took advantage of it by having some fun today at their favorite sledding locations.

"We do this every year," says Sara Beth Huston. "Any time there's snow we come sledding."

She comes to a special place in Bowling Green with her friends and family every time it snows. That place, the yard of the old Bowing Green Hospital, has been dubbed 'Hospital Hill.' For years now, it has been the favorite spot for sledders in the community.

Ironically, at the peak of the hill sits a sign that reads, "DANGER: HILL UNSAFE FOR SLEDDING." Yet it seemed like that message disappeared today as folks slid down the hills all morning and through the afternoon.

The kids were excited as ever.

Emma Gilbert describing the day shared with her brother and parents, "Snowboarding, sledding, and warming up in the car when I get too cold."

There were some 'big kids' out enjoying the snow themselves.

Josh Wellum, who just graduated from WKU says, "It doesn't come too often but once it does we like to have fun in it."

Wellum reflected on some memories he has had while out in the snow.

"Couple of years ago we had a big ice storm at WKU, we were out for a whole week," Wellum says. "We built big igloos, we were sledding, we were having a great time. Some of my best memories on campus."

His friend, Cody Lunsford added that his memories aren't as fond, "I don't have any memories. Just working all the time in the snow."

The roughly three inches of snow falls on just the right day, as adults were able to get out to sled and build snowmen. However, the most important thing about the snow day is getting some rest and relaxation.

Anthony and Elizabeth Gilbert, the parents of Landon and Emma, enjoyed watching their kids in the snow. But, they were excited for their later plans.

"Probably going to head in and warm up, maybe watch a movie," says Anthony.

Although the day ended with a final hike up Hospital Hill, the day seemed to be enjoyed by all, as they hoped for another one like it to come soon.