Russellville restaurant owner and police seeking answers over shooting

Published: Mar. 13, 2017 at 6:28 PM CDT
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A friendly hangout in Russellville Friday afternoon turns violent in a matter of moments.

Todd's Cafe owner, Michael Morrow, says he and a few others were playing cards at his business around 7:30 in the afternoon, when two male suspects with bandannas walked in.

"We were just sitting around, playing, joking, and these two guys walked in, and one of the guys told the guy sitting at the end of the table that once his brother was going to get out of jail, because he was going to beat these charges, and if he said something to him or looked at him the wrong way, that he was going to kill him or something," Michael Morrow stated.

An uninvited threat from the suspect, leaving Michael Morrow no choice but to call Russellville Police.

An action taken by the business owner, only to cause one suspect to get aggressive with him, and the other to lose his gun.

"He hit me and I hit him, so we wrestled over the phone. I don't know how the guy with the red bandanna lost the pistol, but he lost it and somebody picked it up and gave it to me," Morrow added.

Once police arrived to the scene at Todd's Cafe, the two suspects in bandannas already fled the scene.

Michael Morrow says this crime hits too close to home for a couple of reasons.

"I knew both of them. One's name was Quinton Posey, the other name was Jordan Lunsford."

Quinton Posey is the brother of Gregory "Jap" Posey. Gregory Posey is currently charged with the murder in the death of Patrick Gilbert back in July of 2016.

Once the police report was eventually filed, Michael Morrow thought the incident was said and done, until 30 minutes later, bullets flew through his glass window.

Now, Michael Morrow wants answers.

"The guy who shot through the place is not in jail. The problem we have, the people who seen it out here, will not cooperate with the police, so they're leaving him out here, for somebody to hurt him or for him to hurt more people," Michael Morrow Mentioned.

A crime committed, leaving Michael Morrow asking the community to speak out over what they saw.

"The safety for the people in our community is important," Morrow added.

If you know any information over who's responsible for the shooting, you are asked to contact the Russellville Police Department at (270) 726-7669 or Logan County Crimestoppers at (270) 726-5050.