First post-COVID concert held in Scottsville series

Scottsville community artists series hosts first concert since pandemic
Published: Jan. 29, 2023 at 7:43 PM CST
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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) - Two local musicians took the stage in one of the first post-COVID concerts in the Allen County - Scottsville Arts Council’s Community Artist Series.

“We started reviving the Arts Council after COVID. We had an Americana music festival called Norro Fests, and we had several other things,” said John Buchanon, President of the Allen County - Scottsville Arts Council.

“Someone said, ‘are we going to do classical music?’ We said, ‘Absolutely. It is still part of what we want to present to the community.’ That was sort of the impetus of getting this going.”

Buchanon said he looks forward to bringing classical music where it is not often heard.

“It is something that you do not hear around here that much, but we want to introduce people to it,” said Buchanon. “The people who are longing for it are really excited that it is going to be here.”

The stars of the concert were Campbellsville University alumni, Jordan and Hannah Ambeurgey, who play the piano and french horn respectively.

Both have been playing their instruments since they were children… and have worked with numerous professional music groups.

“We definitely enjoy performing. We have been really looking forward to this concert because this is really our first time to get to do it, not as part of our degree,” said Jordan. “Everything we have done up to this point has been in fulfillment of a requirement. This is something that we are actually doing together.”

And it was not long until they decided to become a permanent double act.

“We met in our freshman year of college in music theory class. We took every class together, we were doing all the same things,” said Hannah. “That just really brought us together as friends first, then eventually there was something more.”

As far as what is next for the series, Buchanon said the Arts Council has been talking with local artists about bringing some blues to the bluegrass.

For more information on future concerts in the series, you can visit the Allen County - Scottsville Arts Council website.