AG Daniel Cameron makes first gubernatorial campaign stop in Glasgow

Attorney General Daniel Cameron makes a campaign stop in Glasgow today after filling for Governor earlier this week.
Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 5:34 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced earlier this week, he’ll be throwing his hat in the ring for the Kentucky governor spot.

Cameron held one of his first campaign stops in Glasgow, talking about various stances he will take as governor.

While there, Cameron said he’d asked the Biden administration to label fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction, as well as to secure the southern border, to help in fighting what he calls an “opioid scourge.”

“This is impacting … deaths here in Kentucky. So we’ve got to have a secure southern border,” Cameron said. “We’ve got to have a governor that is willing to say that and is willing to push back against the Biden administration that has done nothing on that front.”

Cameron also discussed his opposition to the Biden administration’s climate agenda, saying it would have a “devastating impact” on Kentucky.

“I’m going to continue to, as I’ve done so in my role as AG, stand up to the Biden administration on their 2035 climate agenda, that would essentially get rid of fossil fuels,” Cameron said. “That might work for California and Massachusetts, but that doesn’t work here in Kentucky.”

During the campaign stop, Cameron was asked his opinion on Governor Andy Beshear’s recent executive order regarding medicinal cannabis.

He criticized Beshear for a lack of conversation with legislators regarding the order, as well as when issuing orders for the Covid lockdown. Cameron said, while he does not oppose anything the legislature did regarding medicinal cannabis, he disapproves of how the governor has ”gone it alone.”

“He didn’t consult with the legislature, he just went in his own direction and shut businesses down, closed churches, closed schools, didn’t consult with anybody,” Cameron said. “He didn’t get his way on medical marijuana and what has he done? Well, he’s now issued an executive order. So again, I think we’ve got to have the legislature involved in this.”

Cameron is just one of several Republican candidates up for governor.

Primary Election Day will be May 16, 2023.