Barren County YMCA teaches water safety during summer season

Barren County YMCA offering swim lessons during summer season
Barren County YMCA offering swim lessons during summer season(Allie Hennard)
Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 9:36 AM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - As more pools open for the summer, experts say teaching children about proper water safety practices should be a priority.

The Barren County YMCA teaches swim lessons and water safety protocols to anyone of any age.

Any Barren County fourth grader is given a week of lessons for free.

Barren County YMCA swim coach, Lindy Pedigo, says it’s important to teach your children what to do if they or someone else is in trouble.

“It is so important because like you said they have accidental drownings all the time all over. We have kids at parties. Sometimes you don’t know what parent is watching or what individual is watching the kids in the pool and sometimes we think, oh that person is watching them they’re fine. When you fall into a pool or you are swimming and you get tired or you get scared when you jump in or fall in you go into shock, you get nervous, you get rattled. It’s really good to teach them the skills it is what do I do next, how to calm myself down to get myself to safety or to help a buddy that is in that situation,” Pedigo said.

When in public pools, swim instructors say parents should also be aware of the lifeguards supervising the waters and the location of safe spaces.

”We teach them water safety skills and they have tons of fun doing the water safety skills, we have fun days as well. Teaching the basic swim skills, survival skills and how to safe a peer. If they are noticing someone’s in need of help and they can stay on land as they are reaching out to try and help them. So, it is definitely better than jumping in and because that is their first reaction when they want to help someone but they should reach out with an item to help pull them in,” Pedigo said.

Experts encourage parents to enroll their children in swim lessons, but while lessons can protect them more in a private pool, waterways such as Barren River are different.

The Barren County YMCA is also hiring for summer positions including child care and lifeguards. To apply, go to their website

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