Bowling Green mom: “We’re paying to chase our dreams”

Published: Apr. 9, 2021 at 3:43 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A Bowling Green mom is bringing awareness to the challenges working moms face.

13 News spoke to mom Autumn Luntzel to talk about the burden the pandemic put on moms’ work-life balance.

”I’ve never been a mom. So we add new mom, pandemic--complete nightmare,” says mother and realtor Autumn Luntzel.

The pandemic hit when Luntzel’s baby was just three months old.

“I have to figure something out. I’m not going to keep him in daycare obviously. I’m not going to take him with me, so I had to adjust,” she recalls about the beginning of the pandemic.

Luntsel said being a working mother during the pandemic meant sacrificing and multitasking all the time.

“When a mom has to do double the work, you just wish you had that support because working costs money. I mean, it just does. It costs money because daycare’s out of this world, and we don’t have the support to do that. A mom is out there chasing her dreams and we’re paying to chase our dreams.”

According to a study from Washington University in St. Louis, working mothers took a hit during the pandemic. Mothers’ work hours fell four to five times as much as father’s between March and April.

“I had to be the one to stay home and stay no to clients... I was sitting at home trying to multitasking taking care of a baby with a full-time job, while he got to go to work,” Luntzel explains.

In the study, fathers’ predicted work hours didn’t fall below 40 hours a week. Mothers, on the other hand, scaled back by about five percent, or two hours a week. You can see more from the article here.

“A lot of moms had to be told well your job is lesser. Why is it lesser? I don’t think anyone quite understands how amazing moms are and how much pressure is put on them.”

Luntzel says she was lucky to have flexibility in her work, but not all mothers do. She says she wants to see more resources for working mothers to be successful in their careers and personal lives.

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